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Certified Master Home Inspector

I am a Certified Master Home Inspector and have been in business since 2008. I spent one year being trained after i completed my education by who i think was one of the best inspectors around. This is very important when people are getting into the inspection business because just taking courses and going and performing inspections you truly are not ready. I have a successful business from referrals and repeat clients. Call today and we can discuss me performing a inspection for you. I do not have a fancy website, i keep my overhead low so i can afford to give my clients a very competitive price for a inspection. Call today at 519-550-4998 or email me at

Is your new ridge vent working properly?

When you look at a home your purchasing you see the new shingles or metal roof and along the top ridge you see a vent running along the top. It is impressive and you assume it was done right? Not always and this can cause a lot of problems in a attic space when it can’t breathe.Finding more over the last couple years where a vent is installed on the top but the roof sheathing isn’t cut out or isn’t cut out properly to allow the roof to breathe. These are things we check for when viewing the attic space.

Changing your furnace filter

If you are using a 1 inch filter on your furnace it should be changed every 3 months. A easy way to remember is change it every season change. Always buy a good quality filter so it filters the air and keeps the dirt off the air handler in the furnace to keep your furnace efficient.

Why get a Home Inspection for a Newer Home

I am buying a home that is only a couple years old. Why should I get a Home Inspection?

In the Home Inspection business I receive numerous calls asking if a new home buyer is wasting their money paying for a Home Inspection when the house is only a couple years old. They have walked through the home, really like it and could not see any issues. I then ask,”What is the foundation like, any cracks, bowing, leaks, etc”. When you went in the attic, the under side of the roof is it in good condition?

The answer 99 % of the time is I’m not sure about the foundation and I never went up into the attic.

This is normal for a home buyer. There is a lot to look at cosmetically and time is tight. Looking at the roof from the exterior can take 30 minutes and then once up in the attic there is another 15 minutes. Pulling the cover off a furnace, looking for leaks or other problems well there’s another few minutes. Home buyers don’t get into the details necessary to get a true understanding for the condition of the home; it would take them at least 3 hours.

New cars, even the best brands, can have problems. This is the same for houses.

I have inspected homes that are worth well over $500,000 and they had defects. Some are minor but the purchaser needs to be aware of all the defects.

If you have the inspection and no defects are found, great. You now have piece of mind and by being present for the Home Inspection you now know all the elements of your new home well.